Civic Storytelling in Rural Communities

Civic Storytelling in Rural Communities seeks to connect campuses and rural communities through strategic storytelling, media-making, and participatory research aimed at generating civic discourse around problems and opportunities found in local communities. Working with local schools and other organizations, the project entails giving teachers and students storytelling, media, and design skills to address issues in an informed and compelling manner with different stakeholders, including parents, administrators, policymakers, and the wider community.

We seek to develop a Civic Story Kit with project ideas, examples, and resources that can be used by other campuses and communities. Working with the Society for the Humanities, the Rural School Association, and the Central New York Humanities Corridor, we hope the kit will help forge other partnerships between humanists and local schools, libraries, and other community organizations.

Publication: Transmedia Knowledge for Liberal Arts and Community Engagement: A StudioLab Manifesto, Palgrave 2019