The Humanities Pod

The Society for the Humanities' new podcast, The Humanities Pod, features informal conversations with Society Fellows, Cornell Faculty, community collaborators, and special guests shine a light on some of the new work, the current conversations, and the latest ideas of humanists at and around Cornell. See below for special edition episodes on  topics! 

Episodes with Transcripts

  1. Indigenous Dispossession and the Founding of Cornell: Part 1 with Jon Parmenter
    Cornell associate professor of history Jon Parmenter's new research adds to the emerging conversations on America’s land-grant universities to tell the early story of Cornell University and Ezra Cornell’s acquisition of land grant scripts.
  2. Indigenous Dispossession and the Founding of Cornell: Part 2 with Michael Witgen
    Michael Witgen, professor of History and American Culture and twice former director of Native American Studies at the University of Michigan provides insight into how non-removal treaties incrementally restricted traditional lands and life-ways for Anishinaabe while benefiting white settlers throughout the 19th century. Beyond his academic work, Michael also shares personal insights on generations of Native resilience in the Great Lakes from his position as a direct lineal descendant of a key Ojibwe signatory to the 1842 treaty that soon became one of the financial engines for establishing Cornell University. 
  3. Rural Poetics: Part 1 with Nikki Wallschlaeger
    In this episode, author Nikki Wallschlaeger reads 11 poems from her latest published collection of poetry-- Waterbaby (2021, Copper Canyon Press). Nikki also speaks with Rural Poetics host Marty Cain, to contextualize her work, sharing stories insights into her writing process and geographic inspirations.
  4. Rural Poetics: Part 2 with Nancy Bereano
    This episode features Nancy Bereano, founder of Ithaca’s groundbreaking, award-winning lesbian and feminist press, Firebrand Books (1985-2000). Speaking with Rural Poetics host Alec Pollak, Bereano reflects on the heyday of feminist small-press publishing, Ithaca’s queer social scene, and the early days of publishing notable authors such as Alison Bechdel, Leslie Feinberg, and Audre Lorde.
  5. Rural Poetics: Part 3 with Tim Earley
    This third episode of the Rural Poetics podcast series features poetry author Tim Earley, visiting assistant professor of English at the University of Mississippi. Earley’s dynamic range of diction mixes the academic vocabulary of continental theory with his own roots of Appalachian vernacular English. Tim’s work directly confronts the class hierarchies of U.S. poetry communities, giving audiences a language to better understand the complexity of contemporary rural life.