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Community Food Systems Minor

The Minor in Community Food Systems (CFS) is a university-wide program enabling undergraduate students to engage with critical contemporary issues relating to food security, food sovereignty, and food justice. In a context of diverse goals and approaches, the CFS Minor focuses on working with community partners to collaboratively understand and develop sustainable community food systems. Students are provided with opportunities to integrate learning across courses with social, ethical,ecological, and agricultural perspectives on local food systems and participate in an experiential practicum embedded in a real-world context. Learn more about CFS here.

Crime, Prisons, Education, and Justice Minor

Students in the Crime, Prisons, Education, and Justice minor will participate in one of the most pressing civil rights challenges of the 21stcentury: ending mass incarceration and the carceral state. The classroom component gives the students the opportunity for extended critical reflection on the complex phenomena of mass incarceration. As part of the minor, students will serve as Teaching Assistants for Cornell classes in the prisons. The University has a longstanding relationship with the Cornell Prison Education Program. For many years, Cornell faculty and graduate students have enjoyed the privilege of teaching some of the most eager, appreciative, and thoughtful students they will ever encounter: the men participating in the CPEP programs in New York prisons. Learn more about the minor here.