The Learning Farm Podcast

As part of the ongoing Rural Humanities Initiative focusing this year on Rural Black Lives, The Learning Farm Podcast is an attempt to analyze and stimulate discussion around a highly relevant and important topic: food segregation and racial injustice in the agricultural-industrial complex.

We bring Christa Núñez, the leader of the for-profit Planet Kidizen and the non-profit KHUBA International as a speaker on the Sloan Program hosted podcast, Health Conscious. Christa is an entrepreneur and activist who is dedicated to connecting marginalized community members to food education and reconnecting them with land. Her programs help create equity and initiate positive change within the context of a vast history of racially driven food segregation. She will be on the podcast twice, once to talk about her programs and the programming she has planned in collaboration with Rural Humanities and then as a follow-up to discuss the impact of the collaboration on those who benefited from it. The Rural Humanities support will primarily go toward the Outdoor School which is an outdoor alternative learning program and childcare option which focuses heavily on social justice, sustainable agriculture and other nontraditional subjects. A portion of the support will also go toward the Ubuntu library project, supporting literacy for the next generation of farmer-scholars.

Listen to the podcast episode below.



  • Anna Rutherford, MHA Candidate, Sloan Program in Health Administration, Cornell University

  • Christa Núñez, The Learning Farm