Poetic Justice

Poetic Justice

The project “Poetic Justice” builds on Cornell’s long-standing collaboration with George Junior Republic High School in Freeville, NY. In a summer of community-engaged work that pivots toward the remote and digital, this project aimed both to deepen the collaboration with George Junior High and to enhance its future potential by widening the awareness of it (and similar creative community-based projects).

Spearheaded by Rural Humanities Spring Seminar participant Shaloni Pinto, the Poetic Justice project began as an interactive website with teaching resources, prompts, and inspiration for creative writing. The project continued in the summer of 2020 with support from a Community Partnership grant, connecting Pinto's teaching tool with students at George Junior Republic High School.

The project features interviews, reflections, and images drawn from discussions with team members at both George Junior and Cornell. Shaloni Pinto's experience of working with the Poetic Justice project is detailed in the essay booklet, "How Do We Start A Poem?": A Poetry Community's Story, available to read online.

Shaloni Pinto is a graduate of Cornell University, with a B.S. in Industrial and Labor Relations and minors in Law and Society and English.



  • Shaloni Pinto, Cornell ILR '20
  • George Junior Republic High School in Freeville, NY